St Matthew 2 Reflections

The Gospel According to St. Matthew: Matthew Chapter 2: Read Here:


Wise Men Look to Jesus

Wise men knew of the prophecies and recognized the sign of the new star, and they followed it. We know that wise men have always studied the word of God, following His commandments, and searched for Jesus Christ. They have patterned their lives in such a way that they are preparing for His coming and are ready to follow Him. Wise men still seek Jesus Christ and are preparing to meet Him at His Second Coming.

Wicked men have always sought, and continue to seek, to destroy the Christ. Like Herod, they are full of envy and deceit, and they are greedy for power. Like Herod, they are dishonest, pretending that they are full of good intentions when they are not. Herod lied to the wise men; he didn’t want to worship Jesus; rather, he wanted to kill him to prevent Him from becoming the king. Wicked men, like Herod, lack understanding. They do not acknowledge that Jesus always has been and always will be our king.

The wise men were warned in a dream of Herod’s treachery. After worshiping the Christ-child and presenting Him with gifts, they returned to their own land by an alternate route, not returning to Herod. Wise men are constant and true to God and what He asks them to do.

Wicked men, like Herod, are full of rash anger. Because the wise men did not return to Herod, he ordered that all the children age two and under in Bethlehem be killed. Wicked men, like Herod, believe that they can thwart God’s purposes by their own cunning craftiness; but, they only distance themselves further from reality and God’s saving grace, and they thwart their own progress.

Joseph, being warned by an angel in a dream that Jesus’s life was in danger, fled with the young family into Egypt. After Herod’s death, Joseph was told by the angel that they could return. Joseph was still fearful of Herod’s son Archelaus, so he went with his young family into Nazareth in Galilee.

Jesus was known as a Nazarene.


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