Oh, no, not another diversity presentation!

Don’t you hate it when others our intolerant when they perceive intolerance.

Doctor Bob's Weblog

Haven’t we all felt this way? The announced topic for the next office training is diversity. You wonder: “Can I call in sick that morning?” “What can I honestly do to avoid another unproductive morning?” You decide to attend anyway, and your worst fears are confirmed. Or perhaps you get one decent takeaway from a long presentation.

Why is all this necessary? It seems to be just one more intrusive concept dished out on us by government entities.

Yes, I get it.

We are all different. We are all unique, just like everyone else. We need to tolerate these differences and treat one another with respect.

Throughout my life, I have made an effort to understand those of other cultures, and I treat them with respect. Music and food have contributed to that understanding. But I am also fascinated by people with unusual names. I have had some interesting conversations…

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