It’s Easter: Reflections on My Savior’s Redeeming Grace

05 Easter

It’s Easter. I cannot adequately express my gratitutde for Jesus Christ. Too often I take His gift for granted. I cannot comprehend it. But I enjoy the benefits of His gift every single day of my life.

I love being a part of this world He created. I am privileged to have eyes to see and take in the beauty. I have legs to walk (and a car to drive) to get me to new sites and wonders. I have air to breathe.

I have a family who loves and sustains me. Both my earthly family and my Father up above. I have a home to share with my husband, and children who have grown into wonderful adults. And I have grandchildren!

I have my testimony that God lives and He loves me, and that He gave His Son to both die and live for me; and His Son willingly did His Father’s bidding and atoned for me, so that I can be made One with them.

I have my belief and hope in Christ, that He will raise me up at the last day; and that He will raise you up, too. My family has been blessed and will forever find blessing in His goodness and His grace. Yes, like with Martha, Jesus was there when my brother died, and as the resurrection and the life, He will raise my brother in the resurrection, just as Lazarus was raised from the dead to complete his own earthly mission. Jesus’s heavenly mission is to give us all the opportunity to choose eternal life and be raised to live with Him and His Father.

He was there when each cherished family member was born, when each had trials or successes, and when each died. He cares for us all intimately. He is not a distracted God. He is involved in the daily affairs in the lives of all His creations. He has too much invested in us all to be otherwise. He who bought us with all the energy of His Perfect Soul, suffering incomprehensibily in both body and spirit, is keyly invested in our success and salvation, supplying His grace so that we might choose exaltation.

My gratitude wells up as a spring of living waters that Jesus provided. My hope in the resurrection is sustenance to me. So many family members whom I can no longer see with my mortal vision, I can still envision with an eye of hope, and they will be there to greet me when I die; and Jesus will raise us all to glory in the resurrection.

My testimony is small, but I cherish it. Find your testimony in the words of the prophets and apostles who have written of Him. Find your testimony in the power of the Holy Ghost who will ever witness of Him. Find your testimony in doing good works of service as He did. And find your testimony in humbly doing the will of the Father and in obeying His commandments, even when your temporary desires might tug at you to do otherwise.

If we all drink from the bitter cup, from time to time, with faith in Him, we will not shrink! He never did shrink or shirk His responsbility to feed His Father’s sheep. And in Him we are fed and find sustaining grace through His sacrifice for us.

I will ever be grateful for His sustaining influence and power in my life, that He leads and guides me, and walks beside me. I love Him, because He first loved me, and His love is everlasting.

Happy Easter! May we praise the name of Jesus Christ forevermore.


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